More Uninvited Guests

Again, from Cider – Making, Using & Enjoying Sweet & Hard Cider (pp.146-147). This comes after a discussion of pests and other nasties that will cause problems for apple growers, which started with more “natural” methods before begrudgingly covering the more chemical “sprays” used in commercial operations. The author then turned to animals, rather than pests of the mold/insect variety:

Creatures, from the meek mouse to the bold bear, will find your orchard irresistible…The most obvious safeguard is to walk often through your winter orchard. Look for tracks in the snow, or droppings – they’ll tell you what to expect. And if you find Porky dining on an apple branch, use a good lead-based spray, such as .22.

I love fermenters’ sense of humor. Kindred spirit, for sure.


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