Wasn’t Expecting That

So, I think I should have waited just a smidge longer before racking the mead to the secondary fermenter. I noticed that the bubbling was fairly rapid right after racking (which is commonly not the case in my experience). It has not died down as of this morning – being more rapid by far than the strawberry melomel, with large bubbles rather than just the baby bubbles.

I wouldn’t exactly be so bothered about that if it hadn’t been for the air-lock full of mead I awoke to. Ugh. Whether it is the effervescence, or reverse pressure sucking the must back into the air-lock, an air-lock of must is something no fermenter wants to see.

I quickly moved to clean out the air-lock and re-attach. But I’ll be paying careful attention to it to make sure it doesn’t repeat today.


One thought on “Wasn’t Expecting That

  1. So it continues to cloud the air-lock with mead (I haven’t let it get as much as before…) The interesting thing is it is not overflowing. It is blowing a line of foam, a “super-bubble” if you will, through the inner tube. Once the CO2 below pushes it to the top, it falls onto the surrounding layer of water, and then I guess is just dispersing into it as the major surface bubble is pushed through to the outside of the airlock. The aggregate bubble is of course not just water and carbon dioxide, it is a lot of little CO2 filled honey bubbles… Not cool.

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