April 14, 2013

I went to a local supermarket today and picked up the honey for another 5G braggot batch, as well as enough honey for a sweet show mead. Well, a little less than I wanted, but still within the constraints of the recipe. Also, it called for a varietal honey, and the store didn’t have as much as I needed of any one varietal. So I’m only going to have enough so that a little more than a third is varietal – in this case, orange blossom. Hopefully that is enough to push the distinctive flavor through.

Or maybe tomorrow I will check again and see if more has been stocked.

But at present I have  about 25.5 lbs of honey (12.7 kg) from 448 oz. That’s 10 pounds for the braggot, which gets extra sugars from the mash, and a little over 15 for the sweet mead, whose recipe called for 15-18 lbs of varietal honey. Interestingly, the orange blossom honey is slightly heavier than the “standard” honey, by 0.025 grams per oz.

I’m going to have to start working either with local beekeepers to get my honey, or buy from somewhere that sells in larger quantities, and with more selection of large quantities. The supermarket has worked so far, but there’s got to be a better way. I know my wife gets a 15 or 20 lb jug for bread-making from time to time. Not sure if the co-op she goes through has a very wide selection of varietals, though. Specifically I’d like to experiment more with orange blossom and Tupelo (and have heard wonderful things about raspberry blossom, though I’ve never seen it except in my mead book).

I did see honey sold in larger jar sizes when I was in Lisbon. But I thought getting it back to the states was questionable from a number of angles, so did not purchase any…


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