April 22, 2013

I just finished pitching the yeast for my sweet Orange Blossom mead. Since that is so much sugar, and I want to make sure the yeast get a good hold, I doubled the normal yeast dosing. Instead of one packet of Lalvin D-47, I used 2. And doubled the water for reconstituting. After waiting the 15 minutes while the yeast warm up, yawn and pull themselves out of bed, I added the yeast to the fermenter and stirred vigorously.

Waiting about another 15 minutes, I could already see gas slowly pushing its way through the attached airlock. Another batch started. Be good, my yeasty friends!

Oh…and I almost forgot. Re-checking the SG before adding the yeast, just to be sure, I found it at 1.134, instead of the 1.120 from last night. That’s not so surprising, I guess, which is why I checked it again in the first place. After 24 hours, all the sugar from the honey is in solution, rather than some still remaining solid. The recipe did indicate that 18 pounds of sugar would mean closer to an SG of 1.135, so that is also right in line.

Well, no reason to “watch the pot”. Time to let the yeast get to business, while I sleep.



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