Apple Mint?

Sampling The Mint Wine

Sampling The Mint Wine

So I though it might be nice to get a “first glance” at the mint that has been aging. It isn’t “ready” per the recipe until March, but no harm in trying, right?

It is sweet (I did sweeten at bottling), and it has a subtle mint flavor. It is quite drinkable – tasty, even. But Kim pointed out that it has an apple note to it as well, which she is quite right on further tasting. Turns out our yard’s naturally growing mint is “apple mint”. I didn’t know such a thing existed, but searching online, Kim appears to be absolutely correct. Most people speak more of the “smell” of apple from the mint. Maybe fermentation has cut back the minty-ness to the point that the apple is more pronounced in the flavor.

Either way, the result is delightful.


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