I Must Have Left My Head Somewhere

Ever heard the expression, “I’d forget my head if it weren’t screwed on…” ? That’s kind of the way I was feeling over lunch today.

I forgot to keep up with chemical supplies, as I commented yesterday. Hopefully the lack of pectic enzyme doesn’t come back to haunt me. And then today, when I went to pitch the yeast, I realized I didn’t exactly have the yeast supplies I had intended. Specifically, I intended to use Montrachet for both these 3 gallon batches. Yet, I only had one packet. A very easy thing to have taken care of…mea culpa!

I had 3 or 4 Pasteur Champagne packets, one D-74 (perfect for mead), a couple KV-1117 and bread yeast. As an alternative, I could have split the packet of Montrachet, though half for each would have been a stretch for the packet, since it is indicated for 1-5 gallons. I decided to go with the Pasteur Champagne option. So, I rehydrated a packet of Montrachet and a packet of Pasteur Champagne. I added the Pasteur Champagne to the Saturn grape wine, and the Montrachet to the Mars grape wine. A little bit of vigorous stirring to incorporate oxygen, and then I sealed the tops of the buckets and air-locked them.

Everything is looking good. The Saturn is taking on much more of a reddish tinge, as expected. And I can already see the air-locks bubbling away, so now we wait, with intermittent stirring.


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