A Little Bit Of This

…and a little bit of that.

That’s what today, Labor Day 2014, was like. When Kim and I discussed possibilities for the day over the weekend, the word “chill” probably came up a couple of times. Jenna was over at a friend’s house most of the day (starting the night before, following the yearly fireworks). The other two children were self-entertained most of the morning.

I had coffee. I did a bit of research on a problem for work. I pitched Montrachet yeast into the fig wine recently started. I did some language study preparation work.

But by mid afternoon there was a tentative plan. Some elements didn’t ever happen, as they were more wishful, like going to the Happy Berry for muscadines or blackberries. But many did. First, we appeased the youngest with a trip to Moe’s Southwest Grill. He’s been asking for weeks, and though his birthday next weekend seemed a good possibility, plans ruled it out. So to Moe’s we went. Then, we delivered a Red Box back to its home, returned some library books and materials (despite it being closed for the holiday), and then headed to a friend’s house.

There, we proceeded to pick more figs. It was two trees, and the end result was another seven pounds of figs. I bagged them later in the evening, 2 bags, 3.5 pounds per, and then put them in the freezer. Those will end up as jam/preserves. I am told of a vanilla-bean-bourbon-fig-preserves recipe out there somewhere…

From there, it was on to Lowe’s, to purchase the remaining parts to fix our garage door, having been out of commission for quite some time. I fixed one over the weekend, to Kim’s great surprise and delight. The other had three times as many issues as the first, and I only had the parts to fix one of them. Ended up getting the necessary parts, plus a rack (intended for storing/aging beer bottles) that was on sale.

Then it was back home to drop off people, and I ran to the store for dinner supplies. Dinner was well-received: steak, with a from-scratch port demi-glace. My first time making such a sauce. I added some chopped up shiitake mushrooms. Quite powerful – a little went a long way. Oh, and Kim’s mashed potatoes were delicious, as well. And the sweet tea…

Thought about starting on preserves. Nah. Thought about suggesting that late trip to the Happy Berry. Nah. Even thought about starting the barley wine. I’m tired!

Ended up just chilling, then wrestling some with Sean. Now they’re in  bed, and the day is just winding down peacefully.


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