Scenes From A Day In Paris

Today was a late starter. I apparently slept too long, and was awoken by maid service knocking at the door at noon. Slowly roused myself and got in the shower, and then once that was done headed out the door.

Discovered that the idea of simply taking the RER(C) to the Louvre was not going to work. Issy-les-Molinaux is not actually “in” Paris, so my metro/RER/tram ticket didn’t cover it (based on the ticket I had purchased). But I was able to make it by a simple combination of tram and metro. Then it was on to lunch at a café after a walk among the gardens (even the RER would have put me some distance away on the other side of the Seine).

After lunch, it was straight to Musée Louvre. I stayed in Denon all day, other than first going to the current exposition – on the art and history of Maroc (Morocco). Could have skipped the exposition, but honestly, between those two things I had little more time. It was a good time spent with some awesome art and displays. That’s what you get with half a day at this museum. It’s too much for one day, let alone half!

And after they started closing exhibits I headed out to look for dinner. I eventually found it, with a few stops along the way. Found the most well stocked Japanese liquor store ever. Seriously, it is rather difficult just walking around to find a good place to eat traditional French food. There is a Japanese restaurant (sushi and such, some ramen shops) on every corner – and in some places there were three in a row. Since it just seemed wrong to get Japanese in Paris, I found a good-looking Chinese place (let’s not question the logic too closely, mmm-kay?), and enjoyed my meal of Mongolian Lamb. They didn’t call it that, but that was essentially what it was – Mongolian Beef done with lamb. They were setting up for a birthday party or something like, and constantly had more people and supplies coming in. So service wasn’t the best. But I enjoyed myself anyway. Did have some trouble ordering thé chaud. The waitress wasn’t quite sure what I wanted. Piping hot green tea was eventually provided after some back and forth.


Night Out

Busy day.

Trained from Chasseneuil (Futuroscope) to Paris Montparnasse, then jumped metro to head towards Issy les Molinaux. In Issy (well, now I know before then) things got messy. I got out a stop early, walked all over southwest Paris, and finally two hours later found my hotel. Yay! Sigh…

Actually, all that said it wasn’t that bad. I was hot and sweaty, but otherwise it was a nice day and a nice walk. Got to my room, sat down and started planning my evening. Which called for shopping and dinner. Shopping was another 15 minute walk. Found tons of stuff for my family, which hopefully they’ll appreciate. Then had to carry said things back to the hotel… Put stuff down and threw some stuff in the refrigerator for later, then it was off for dinner.

Dinner was not far from the hotel at all. It’s distance may actually have had something to do with its selection. But it was well worth the visit. Little more expensive than its weekday online menu had suggested, but I don’t think I got ripped off. La purée de pomme de terre est peut-être le meilleur j’ai eu. No joke. The crême brulée was not as good as I’ve had other less notable places this week, owing to a distinct burnt-ness in the flavor, despite not appearing burnt. The meat was delightful at a medium temp. And the vin, bon, as well.

Well, I had noticed on the way back from shopping that I could see the top of the Eiffel Tower. That meant it was fairly close right? Snicker. I knew that wasn’t the case, but as I considered it through dinner, I came to the conclusion that I had nothing much better to do this time of the evening. And so leaving the River Café, I started walking north along the Seine.

Now before, I have made comments to the effect that I wasn’t all that interested in the Eiffel Tower. But it truly is impressive when seen from up close. That’s a lot of metal and whatnot. It was a shame that it was already so late and I couldn’t get up into it. And the street vendors are rather pushy, I might add!

Well, tomorrow is another day of exciting things to see. So I think I am calling it a night (early morning already!) Ah, well. Au revoir!