Il Teatro Ristorante

Karlsruhe, right by the Novotel, is a nice little Italian restaurant that I have somehow missed in my many times here. What a shame, as it was delightful.

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The meal started with a nice glass of red that carried through the rest of the meal. Nice and dry.

Then he brought out the Pumpkin Soup, and wow! I’ve had Pumpkin soup more than once Karlsruhe. And usually the spicing is reminiscent of Middle Eastern or Indian cuisine (both of which are delightful). But the soup here was delightfully savory, without much to distract from the pumpkin and goodness. Now, typically, I would make fun of the “everything pumpkin flavored” this time of year. However, this is how pumpkin should be consumed, no question.

Following that came the Bocconcini. Now, that name is apparently odd, seeing as Wikipedia thinks that is a mozzarella ball of a certain variety. There was definitely no mozzarella in sight. Instead, it was a delightful mix of veal and beef, noodles, cognac, Pilze (mushrooms) and Rahmsauce. With a delightful side of vegetables: broccoli, carrots, potatoes and cabbage (buttered, not kraut, yay!).

In any case, thoroughly enjoyed it.